Blimp Tower Display with Octagonal Pillar



Elevate your brand to new heights with the Blimp Tower Display featuring an Octagonal Pillar. Designed to offer a full 360° of branding visibility, this tower is constructed from premium lightweight aluminum, ensuring durability and ease of assembly with simple push-button connectors — no tools needed. The display stands tall, a testament to innovation with its lightweight tubular framing system and “pillowcase style” tension fabric graphics, promising a sleek appearance and attention-grabbing visual interest, all without the high rigging costs of traditional overhead signs.

What sets this display apart is its built-in motor that powers a rotating tapered circle sign at the pinnacle, broadcasting your brand message far and wide, saving you from the expensive labor fees associated with hanging signs. The graphics, created through an advanced heat transfer printing process, guarantee washable and vibrant prints, making it a perfect choice for trade shows, conventions, retail stores, and more. Lightweight and designed for portability, this blimp tower display is your go-to solution for effective branding in small spaces with minimal setup costs.

Use Cases:

From indoor and outdoor advertising to shows, exhibitions, events, fairs, and promotions. They also add a touch of professionalism to weddings, parties, photo booths, press conferences, seminars, stages, and concerts.


What’s Included in the Standard Kit:

– 1pc Circular & Collapsible Aluminum Snap-Tube Frame for Circular Tube Blimp

– 1pc Collapsible Aluminum Snap-Tube Frame for Tapered Octagonal Trade Show Tower Display

– 1pc Zippered Heat Transfer Printing Tension Fabric Graphic for Circular Tube Blimp

– 1pc Zippered Heat Transfer Printing Tension Fabric Graphic for Tapered Octagonal Trade Show Tower Display

– 2pcs Zippered Oxford Duffel Bags

Fabric Graphic Material:

8.8 oz. 100% Polyester Fabric


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